Open days have a positive impact on public perception

07 Jan 2019

Producers who invite the public onto their farms are having a lasting positive impact, with nearly 90% of visitors in 2018 saying that it changed the way they think about farming. 
This is 12% up on 2017, according to a survey of visitors to LEAF Open Farm Sunday (LOFS) events in 2018, collected by LEAF, the charity that promotes sustainable food and farming and manages the campaign.

Greater appreciation
Results revealed that 92% of people said that they had a greater appreciation of the work that producers do, after visiting a farm. And 86% said that they felt more connected to the people who produced their food, and 78% said they were now more proactively looking to buy British food. 
In 2018, 26% of producers who took part in LOFS did so for the first time – the highest number to date.      

Public interest        

“These figures show just how powerful it is when food producers open their farms to the public,” said LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday manager Annabel Shackleton. “There is a high level of interest in food production, but unfortunately we have seen a lot of misinformation about farming in the media.                                                                 

“When producers engage with the public, people can see for themselves the care and attention to detail that goes into growing quality, nutritious crops and the high levels of animal welfare.  

Important industry

“And that is why we are calling on more producers to open their farms on June 9, 2019. Together we can show people across the UK what our industry achieves and why British farming is so important.
Since LEAF OFS started 13 years ago, almost 2,000 farmers have hosted events and welcomed more than 2.2 million onto their farms – with 293,650 visiting in 2018. 

If you want to speak to someone about holding an event, call the LOFS team on 024 7641 3911 or email: